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The team at Eade Fitness 24/7 can help you with new workouts and exercises. Get a better idea about how to use some of our equipment by viewing the videos below, and please do not hesitate to ask one of our staff members for help while in our fitness center. We always have a friendly and knowledgeable person to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. We’ve also provided some helpful nutritional information, custom workouts, and much more. 

All of the workouts shown are designed for equipment at Eade Fitness 24/7. If you are interested in a personal training session, call Paul directly and set up a time that works for you! A workout program tailored toward your objectives can be designed in 1 or 2 sessions.

Custom Workouts 

Whether you’re looking to get a better full body workout or you want to spend time with dumbbells, view the plans below to kick up your exercise routine. 
Workout Tutorials 
Prenatal Workouts
Pregnant? Resistance training can still be done safely. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight will be easier if you continue to exercise with resistance throughout your pregnancy.
Hanging Leg Raise (using straps for grip)
BodyMaster Shoulder Press - Wide Grip, Only Adjustment is Height of Handle Grip Start Position
Use These 5 Variables to Lose Fat and Build / Tone / Maintain Muscle
  1. Exercise Choice
  2. Sets Per Workouts and more specifically, sets per individual exercise
  3. Repetitions Per Exercise
  4. Amount of Weight Used
  5. Time Between Sets 
Engineered Workouts - developed by Paul (26 years of Process Engineering Experience & 25 Years of Experience in Gym Ownership / Competitive Natural Bodybuilding / Powerlifting)

1. Exercise Choice
For each body part, choose a COMPOUND exercise along with one or two exercises more specific to the muscle.

Examples: Compound and Body Part Specific

Back Workout: Assisted or Resistance Band Pull-ups + Machine Rows
Chest: Barbell Incline Press + Machine Chest Press
Biceps: Standing Alternate Dumbbell Curls + Machine Curls
Quadriceps: Barbell Squats + Machine Leg Extensions
Start Losing Fat NOW!
*To start reducing body weight you must create a calorie deficit by burning more calories per day than you are consuming.

*Calorie burning cardiovascular exercise and whole-body resistance training to maintain and build muscle will help create a calorie deficit.

*Choosing the proper foods will also help create the calorie deficit. 

*Adhering to a low sugar, low saturated fat, higher protein eating plan will decrease calories consumed per day and put your body in a fat burning mode.  

*When performing cardiovascular workouts, try gauging your workout by the number of calories you burn versus time. 
  • Women - try burning 350 calories in a session.
  • Men - try burning 500 calories in a session.
*Either workout, when performed, will get you in the fat burning heart rate range when completed in approximately 45 minutes.
10 Reasons To Lift Weights For Life Machines and/or Free Weights
  1. More muscle means higher fat burning metabolism.
              -you burn more calories per day & subsequently burn more fat

  2. More muscle means a stronger immune system.
              - you get sick less often, become more productive

  3.  Gaining muscle lowers blood pressure and strengthens bones.
              - less chance of breaking bones and better overall health

  4. Strength training increases energy levels.
              - more energy to perform all activities

  5. Weightlifting improves athletic performance.
              - become a better athlete in your sport of choice, a stronger athlete is a better athlete at all levels

  6. Maintaining muscle strength benefits simple daily activities
              - easier to lift objects, shovel, dig, walk upstairs, move furniture, etc.

  7. Strength training improves physical appearance.
              - you look more shapely, attain a "V" shape

  8. Weightlifting helps relaxation, promoting a good night's sleep.
              - you get to sleep easier and stay asleep

  9. Strength training improves balance and coordination.
              - stronger muscles enhance your coordination and balance

  10. Muscle mass typically declines 30% or more between ages 35 and 65. Weightlifting prevents much of this loss.
              - Stay lean and strong as you age!
Helpful Hints
  • When performing both cardio and resistance training in one session, perform your resistance exercises FIRST and your cardiorespiratory exercise SECOND.
  • You need to use all your available energy on toning/building muscle when you hit the gym.
  • You'll burn more body fat as fuel during your cardio exercises when performed after resistance workout.
90 Degree Straight Bar Curl - One of Paul’s Favorite Bicep Exercises
"V" Bar with
Straight Section Tricep
Body Bar Workout (Complete 10 Repetitions of Each Exercise)
1. Triceps Extension
2. Barbell Squat
3. Lunges
4. Military Press
5. Front Squat
6. Straight Leg Raise
7. Barbell Rows (Back Exercise)
8. Barbell Deadlift
9. Barbell "Cleans"
10. Barbell Curls
Other Instructional Videos
Low Pulley Rows with Lori Eade Working Back Muscles
Cybex Calf Raise
Hammer Strength Horizontal Calf Raise
Cybex Hip Adduction
Cybex Leg Extension
Cybex Shoulder Press
Cybex Leg Press
Cybex Pull Down
Barbell Front Squats with Daryl Rose
Super Leg Extension
Cybex Hip Abduction
Arm Curl
Cybex Chest Press
Bicep Curl
Cybex Calf Raise
Tricep Lying Extension
Overhead Tricep Extension
Tricep Press
Cybex Arm Extension
Cybex Arm Curl
Power Clean
Chest Supported Machine Row
Barbell Presses
Straight Bar Deadlift
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