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By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

Hey Gang,

Been awhile but wanted to tell you about the therapeutic/rejuvenation method of cryotherapy.

Visited Orange Cryo for my first treatment (with Lori) and was amazed at how I felt after the 3 minute session.

Cryotherapy units are common in Europe and becoming more readily available for use in the US. Most of the top professional sports teams and athletes use cryo for muscle recovery, inflammation reduction and the ability to train harder, more often.

Cryo drops your skin temperature about 30 degress F for the short 3 minute timeframe. Blood rushes from skin to internal organs during the process Your body releases endorphins and the net results is a great amount of oxygenated blood back to muscles as toxins are flushed out.

Look up CRYOTHERAPY for a complete explanation - this is something I am going to thoroughly research and use, hopefully (if I experience continued health benefits - bring to Olean)
By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

Sorry I haven't been active :(

Been real busy getting our PowerX Nationals Team ready for National competition on Saturday, March 4th in Columbus, Ohio.

Follow live scoring of 10am event at

By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

1/2 cup oatmeal

3 whole eggs

Great carbohydrates for energy, eggs are a complete PROTEIN source (all essential amino acids), I always eat the eggs yolks (eggs do not raise cholesterol)


By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

Most personal training clients and gym members struggle with devising a nutritional eating plan to accomplish their fitness goals.

I'm going to focus my posts on eating for fat loss and body weight loss.

My Top Carbohydrates (Starches) for GYM ENERGY and STRENGTH

  1. oatmeal
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Yams

Best fruit for quick energy in gym - BANANAS

Carbohydrates to AVOID ..... High Sugar products like SODA, ICE CREAM & SWEETS;

Avoid White Bread products - no nutritional benefit (wasted calories)

and never eat a high carbohydrate snack or meal before you go to bed!

Always try and eat a meal with complex carbs like oatmeal 2-3 hours before you hit the weights.

For those of us who workout first thing in the morning, I recommend 20-30 grams of Whey protein when you get up.

By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

In November, I purchased our first "Zero Runner" by Octane Fitness.

I've been eyeing this type of cardio machine for a while.

My interest stems from the claim of "ZERO impact" running.

I've always been pretty adamant about how outdoor pavement/road running beats up the body and my preference for clients and members is treadmill running.

Octane's claims are true! Our new Zero Runner has been a huge success. Not only does the unit give you the "feel" and "look" of running, I get off of this unit and feel NO STRESS on ANY JOINTS!

I'm a believer and have ordered our 2nd Zero Runner. All members who I've trained on runner are hooked! Once I tested runner and realized the zero impact quality, I knew that when a dedicated treadmill/outdoor runner gave the unit a try, they would be sold. Another great piece of cardio equipment to use in your toolbox.

Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat....Compete!

By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

Here's 7 protein sources you can incorporate into the 5-6 meals/servings per day of eating.

1. Eggs   2. Low Fat Dairy   3. Low Fat Red Meat   4. Fish   5. Turkey 6. Chicken   7. Protein Shakes

For Protein shake - make sure the product in made in the USA, choose a product with the first ingredient as Whey Isolate. For those of you that are lactose intolerant (like me), make sure the protein is lactose free. You could also chose a egg or meat protein shake. My favorite egg and meat protein shake is MHP Paleo Chocolate

By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

Successful & Sustainable fat loss is highly dependent on your daily food intake.

Choosing to eat more protein per day will greatly reduce your hunger, help muscle recovery and aid in muscle building.

Ask a experienced bodybuilder and you'll hear this: "eat 6 small meals per day, each consisting of some protein".  

Most people can easily get away with 5 meal per day also....

Breakfast / Mid-Morning Snack/Lunch/Afternoon Snack/Dinner

I recommend women eating 1500-1800 calories per day with up to 150 grams of protein, for Men, 2000-2500 calories per day with 200 or more grams of protein per day.

Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat........Compete

By lemaster 14 Jun, 2017

Love developing workouts....with my age (53) in mind and numerous past injuries, I devised a workout that will help build muscle, lose fat and stay injury free.

4 = number of exercises; you can choose 4 exercises for 1 body part or multiple bodyparts

6 = number of sets

90 = total reps per exercise (25 reps first set; 20 reps; 15 reps; 10 reps; 10 reps; 10 reps)

90 = time between sets (on compound movements like barbell squats, deadlifts or bench presses, use 180 seconds (3 minute rest interval)

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