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I just wanted to take the time and write this letter to thank you for such a great and wonderful establishment you have built and operated throughout the years. I have been a member of Eade Fitness 24/7 for the past several years but it is just recently that I have been able to take full advantage of what Eade's has to offer. I have been training almost everyday for the last 6 months. It has become a part of my life. This was only possible thanks to your hours of operation, which allow me to come late nights after work and school. Eade's has everything I could think of when it comes to weightlifting, cardio, etc. I absolutely love the atmosphere and the people I have come to know here at Eade's. To say the least physically and mentally the quality of my life has improved tenfold, so I really can't thanks you enough. Your establishment has truly been a blessing and a life changer. AS long as I am living in the Olean area I will be a member at Eade's fitness. Eade's fitness is a one of a kind and has always had a fantastic location in the town of Olean. And in all I sincerely extend my gratitude to you and everyone involved in operating and maintaining such an incredible gym. - Thomas Handley 

Eade's has a great atmosphere. I like that they have all the right machines plus more to further help me build my body. The owner approached me my second day there, welcomed me and offered to help with anything I needed. Truly the best gym I've been in thus far. – Moose Michael, Facebook

Best place to train and get better. Great atmosphere and friendly people. You will find the best variety of equipment to use in town and great prices on protein supplements. – Robert Matasich, Facebook

It is a warm and welcoming gym to go to. They make it a point to call you by name right off the bat (in other words you're not just another face to them). Happy and willing to give tips and suggestions if trying to figure out the best way to achieve your goals. If you no longer live in the area, but visit on occasion and don't want to miss a workout, they have the perfect deal that makes it convenient for the both of you. This is an easy, no brainer 5 star rating! – John Forney, Facebook

I have been popping in and out of Eade Fitness for random workouts the past 10 years. It is always friendly. Always a great atmosphere. This is a gym that collects a very eclectic group of people that all are there for one thing - the love of working out! Every workout I have here is excellent and love that every time I walk in the door something has improved from the last time I was there. There is a love put into this husband/wife facility where things are done the proper way. Thank you for providing a great place for all of us to work out – Louis Costa, Facebook

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